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After obtaining a bachelor of Arts in Marketing, Management and Human Resources, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Business School, she relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina to start her career at Mondelez International, one of the world’s largest Consumer Packaged Goods companies. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona for a new job opportunity.  Joseline left Mondelez International, to pursue her entrepreneurial calling. As a licensed realtor and marketing fanatic, she helped start HomeSlanger, a Real Estate Marketing tech startup. 

Joseline, a powerhouse of energy, and someone who ‘thinks differently’, has gone on to launch her own start-up in marketing, branding and web presence – blkbld.co and blkbld.host  and returned to the Wisconsin School of Business as a Marketing Strategist. 

“Joseline’s compassion and innovation for the work that she does are irreplaceable attributes that will ultimately lead to her success in any field. Her competitive advantage lies in her passion for helping and her excitement about work and accomplishments. Many people complete work for work’s sake but Joseline goes beyond what is asked or required because it pleases her to do so.” – Cydney Edwards, former classmate, colleague and Soror

When she’s not building, or doing non-profit work, Joseline loves game nights, traveling and brunching.

Joseline Nyinawabera

Marketing Strategist & Change Agent


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